Tuesday, December 16, 2014

"American Temples" book now available!

I was able to get this book in November shortly after it came out. Before I tell you how amazing it is, let me tell you a little bit of history.

I first heard Scott Jarvie, a local photographer, speak at an event in Utah on a panel of speakers about social media and such. That was my first encounter seeing him in real life. I checked out his website that night when I got home and was intrigued by his work. A short time later, Tony was able to get tickets to go to The Wave on the border of AZ and Utah. Some people who had wanted tickets bailed and I immediately thought of Scott and invited him to go with us. To make a long story short, it worked out and we had a fun roadtrip and adventurous hike. 

Scott set out to photograph every dedicated LDS temple in the USA and it took 14 months while living out of his Airstream. What a cool experience! This project was called Faith in America.

He also photographed many churches all over the USA and that book comes out next year!

I was really excited to be able to share the book when we were in Idaho for Thanksgiving with my parents and Tony's parents.

This 9x12 hard bound book has 280 pages and includes interesting facts about each temple, stories, church news articles and beyond amazing photos. 

If you are interested in purchasing this book you will need to place your order by the 18th of December if you want to get it in time for Christmas!

There is also a calendar available for $15.99

Shipping or Pickup options available!
- Free pickup. Buy here and take your email to one of the pickup locations to get your book.
- Media Mail shipping is $6 for one book

Pick up locations
- LDS bookstore warehouse - 9-5pm - 31 N 1330 W (Orem)
Studio Enizio -10-5pm - (Lehi)
Backlit Box - (Pleasant Grove)
Acme CAmera 10-6pm - 1993 S 1100 E (SLC Sugarhouse)
Kew's 9-6 - 211 W 600 N 9-5 (Provo)
Pictureline 10-5:30 - 305 W 700 S (SLC) ask for Nick or Jen

Monday, December 15, 2014

Over A Thousand People Spent 10,000+ Hours Making This Christmas Song. I...

The video I was able to be part of at the beginning of December is finally out! Soo excited to share it with you guys. Enjoy!

Monday, December 8, 2014

#ShareTheGift Video Shoot

I signed up mid-November for an event happening in Provo that is going to be on The Piano Guys channel around Dec 12th. I got there around 2pm and got checked in. Got some instructions, my costume and then waited for it to get dark. 

The people behind this idea are the Harmon brothers and they thought to do this just a few weeks ago and amazingly were able to pull it off. Very impressed! They wanted to set a world record for the world's largest nativity.

Here are some shots from the afternoon and evening....

The bottoms of our angel costumes. They lit up with a small switch that you could put in your pocket.

Up on the hill after we got a wristband and were counted.

Shaycarl and his family are down there in the middle! Very cool to see them there because I didnt know they were involved with this. 

There were a lot of famous people down there.
some of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir

They even had a real live camel as one of the props for the manger scene along with a donkey and some sheep.

Mary & Joseph, a couple angels and one of the wise men (Alex Boye!)

In my stylish costume. 

I was not able to get a clear picture of this but a person from Guinness Book of World Records came from New York and announced that we did indeed break the world record for the largest nativity!

Once we got that announcement everyone cheered so loudly but there was still work to be done.

Standing on "the grid" in our spot (I was P34) practicing. If you look close you can see black spray paint on the grass that had been put there for our map of where to stand. We all had a flashlight that we had to shine up at these balloons in the sky that had a camera on it.

After the big group picture and going through our part of the video a few times out on the field, we got to go in to a big tent to warm up and get some food.

I am glad I stayed until 11pm almost to help with filming another part towards the end. We were out there and did that, then returned our costumes to the tent and were told it was okay to go home when someone ran to where we were and said that the camera didnt get the shot after all and could we all go back out on the field. So we rushed to put our costumes back on and head back out in to the cold.

All in all a fun time though and I am so glad I went. We got to meet some of the famous YouTubers in the VIP tent afterwards but I didnt take any pictures there. Watch for the video to be out on Dec 12th on The Piano Guys YouTubechannel!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

YW Night Of Excellence

We borrowed this from another ward. It was huge and the girls could stand in front of it to get their picture taken before walking down the 'red carpet.' It was so nice to be able to use this!

I made these with my Cricut Explore, kabob sticks and washi tape

A mom of one of the girls in the ward made us all this popcorn in the value colors

A table with lots of kinds of candy on it

Here's a closer look

Our ward YW pres (left) introducing the girls from both wards

Each girl got to set up a table display with items that represented them. I remember really liking to do this when I was in YW for this activity. At least, that's how I remember it. I am sure I struggled with knowing what to put on the table but man , if I could have an 'about me' table now, I would have no problem finding things to put on it!

It was a fun night overall and I enjoyed walking around to look at the tables.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Project Life Experience

Shoutout to my sister Laura first off for telling me about this opportunity or I never would have known. I follow Becky Higgins (creator of Project Life) on my blog Instagram but I dont log in to that account every day and Becky had posted on there that she needed some last minute help setting up her booth for the Pinners Conference. I had been hanging out at Laura's house but headed straight over to Sandy to the expo center. When I got there, there were about 12 or so other women there helping Becky but they said they could still use my help. 

I got a moment to talk to Becky and told her I knew Julie and Dallin in AZ ...Dallin is her husband's brother! Julie and I know each other from the Gable YSA ward and we have been friends and stayed in contact ever since. Whenever I go to AZ we plan to meet up and craft or just hang out. Love and miss her and her family! Becky took a pic of us on her phone to send to Julie. It was so exciting.

Here are some random pictures I took from that Thursday evening inbetween staying busy helping! We worked on getting product out of the boxes and putting it away, organizing it, hanging it up, etc. 

Group shot at the end when we were all done. Snagged this from Instagram. It was great to work with so many friendly and nice people for one super talented lady! Becky laid on the ground below us to get this picture and I think it turned out cool.

We got a pic together on my phone afterwards

Becky is soo super generous and hooked up all her helpers with Project Life product.

To be honest, I didnt have any of her stuff, just the app which I love and use it often so it was exciting to be able to pick out what I wanted and I cant wait to use it.

Last minute decision on Saturday to attend Becky's class and her method of documenting life truly is simple and quick.  Check out her website if you get the chance, it was just redesigned and updated and I love it.