Wednesday, April 9, 2014

LDS Conference Weekend Eats

Saturday morning session of LDS General Conference we may have missed due to being at the screening for Rio 2. We did catch the afternoon session and ate our leftovers from Bucca Di Beppo the previous night.

Sunday was a different story. Tony's cousin Joey came over and my sister Laura & her family came over and we made so much delicousness for breakfast.

Owl shaped eggs!

Scrambled eggs too because not everyone likes a sunny side up egg

Tots - aka "Tator Rounds"


Awesome bacon I won from Tony's work Christmas party. It's been in the freezer just waiting for the perfect moment. This bacon is legit, thick, cooked to perfection.

Orange glazed cinnamon rolls. Tony had just put the frosting on so it did melt out a little better (like the one in the top right corner).

Lunch was tortilla chips and dip, ruffled chips and dip, pita bread sandwiches with deli sliced roast beef. SO GOOD.

Joey & I painted our nails - she did Easter colors and her nails looked so great!

I tried to be all fancy with some designs on a bright yellow-green color.

I did listen to conference , or tried to, in the middle of everything. I tweeted some things that stood out to me on my account here if you want to check them out.

Did you watch General Conference? Leave a comment below with what you did while watching, even if it was just taking notes!

SLC Adventures: Aerial Art Show

A few weeks ago I won tickets to see an Aerial Arts Show in SLC from the blog Fun Cheap Or Free. I was so excited to do something I'd never done before or seen before in real life. I told Tony I had a special date night planned but didn't tell him any details. Saturday was pretty busy with Tony at school all day working on a project and I spent the morning with my sister and then at the Festival of Colors in Spanish Fork. Tony & I met up in the evening though and we saw this:

Cool light display on the curtains

So fancy!

I told him his face looked expensive

On stage she and 3 others were like birds and they did tricks in the rings hanging from the ceiling. They were one of my favorite parts

Tony thought it was so cool that her skirt was on wheels and followed her 
wherever she went

Awesome girl with awesome hair! Shaved like a chess board

It was such a fun evening. I'd love to be flexible and acrobatic like these aerial artists!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Bloggers Night Out at Gardner Village

Another blog post that never got posted! I dont know why...this was Oct 2013

I've been looking forward to this event for a long time! I went last year for the first time and it was so so much fun. 

This year did not disappoint. First we got to hear from Eric Dowdle and we all got a signed puzzle by him. His puzzles are so cool!

We ate yummy appetizers from Archibalds while we listened to Eric speak

After he was done we were free to go and shop and could do a scavenger hunt if we wanted to. Aimee & I paired up and we tried to find all the witches on our list but gave up when it got dark.

The hula hooping witch was pretty cool

We stopped at The Bead Farm where we got to enter a drawing and make some Halloween earrings!

Cool pumpkin decor - so creative

Umm what?! It's not me who bought this chair...

But I would have loved to buy this chair

Owlssss :)

Cool lights in the tree

I bought these awesome owls...couldn't decide on just 1 so I got them both. Thank you Gardner Village for the coupon!

Waterfalls & DI Shopping

I found some drafts, so this was forever ago that this happened but I needed to get it out of my drafts and posted.

Got to go to the famous Bridal Veil Falls in the morning which is in Provo. Met my mission companion Alisa there with her 3 kids. It was a short walk from the parking lot to the falls. You could play in the water but it was cold! and hike up along the right side over the rocks to get up closer but we stayed at the bottom this time. Maybe another time we will go up closer. 

Took a trip to Deseret Industries in American Fork Saturday afternoon and found this gem! A record of how to train your bird to talk! It was $1, wish I had bought it but I really dont know what I would have done with it. I am not sure my parents have their record player anymore...if they do though, they'd never allow me to bring my birds for a visit! Sad day. I was so excited to find this though! Right in the front! 

A Camp Ritchie shirt in Utah!? What what! I wonder if there is another girls camp with the same name around here? So weird! For those reading this who dont know, Camp Ritchie is the camp in CA I have gone to for girls camp since I was 12. I missed 1 year because of the mission and I missed going this year because it just did not work out to get there so close to our other CA trip but other than that I've been every year!

Later at night we took a drive to get some pizza to eat with Laura & Rocky and this little guy was on the hood of my car! Glad he was able to hang on until we stopped and were able to get a good picture of him. I've never seen one in UT!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

The Car I Never Knew I Wanted

So as my family and friends are probably aware, I've been looking for a car for a couple months now or possibly a little longer. I love love my Mazda Protege5 but with the miles on it creeping up (almost 220,000k now) I just had to have something with less miles for all my roadtrips. I need to feel confident driving out of town , esp on roadtrips where Tony isn't with me. 

(carwash time!)
That being said, I owe a huge thank you to my Tony, my dad and Tony's uncle Dan in particular (and all the other friends who had an eye out for me too) in helping me by sending me links for cars all over the west coast.  I had finally narrowed it down to a Toyota Matrix as my first choice, Pontiac Vibe and the Nissan Versa. Once a hatchback owner, always a hatchback owner. I can never go back to a regular looking type car. I dont know.

So these 3 cars are what I had been focused on looking for. Just this past Thursday , Tony sent me a link for a car I had never considered, and honestly , I only glanced at the link because I was really busy and figured I'd look at it more that night.  I forgot, and finally looked at the link with pictures the next morning. Tony was at home because he was sent home from work on Thursday for being sick.  He slept in and then went to a couple car places looking at this car once he saw I had texted him saying that I actually liked it and wouldnt mind test driving it. He was not able to find the car though, a location in Sandy and then the one in Murray were both unable to find the car and said it must have been sold. 

I got off work and we went down to Larry H. Miller Chevrolet in Murray where Tony had been talking to someone there about a couple used cars. When we went back in again, the car I liked was all the way down in Provo and ended up being more expensive than we originally thought so we left and started driving back home. Then we saw Larry H. Miller Used Car Supermarket and pulled in - right next to the car we thought had been sold! I hurried inside and got the attention of a sales guy and he went with us for a test drive. As I drove it down the street it felt so smooth, no weird noises or knocks and no crazy blind spots.  As we were about to get on the freeway I had such a good feeling about this car and knew that it was the one I was meant to get.

This all happened around 7:30 and we didnt leave the car place until shortly after 10pm! We were able to get them to agree to us taking it to a mechanic of our choice in the morning to make sure everything checked out ok. If it didn't, they were willing to to fix it or we could walk away from the agreement without any penalties. Pretty awesome. I was a little nervous that the mechanic would find something wrong but was honestly I still knew this is the car I was getting and deep down I knew nothing majorly wrong would be found.

I ended up finding a shop that would do an overall check of the car for only $40 (nicer than the $80 I paid before for a different car in American Fork!). I went in to work for a few hours and Tony so kindly took the car to get the inspection. The mechanic was very impressed of how well the car had been taken care of and said the car was a steal at the price it had been posted online for.  The only thing it will need eventually is new tires but that was it! I was super stoked. This meant I got to keep the car.

It still doesnt really feel real, I feel like I am driving a rental car I am going to have to return. But nope! It's really mine and I hope it lasts me a long time. Car shopping on a budget is the worst! 

So check it out - here's what I got!

-- Introducing the 2006 Chevy HHR --

It has a couple small dents and scuffs in the paint but I dont care because so
does my Mazda and I still love it.

The back - so much space for camping, traveling, an air mattress and more

Here's a closer view

I've already been thinking about a name for my car and what the 'theme' is going to be. I think I am done with cherries for awhile.  There is a cute store I found on Etsy that does custom car seat covers. That'd be cool! Looking at maybe sewing my own. So many ideas. 

I'm feeling so grateful and blessed that this is the car I ended up with. That we were able to find it even though we thought it had been sold. That the price was in my range and it will have affordable payments. That it passed inspection & got a 'huge thumbs up' from the mechanic. This car will be perfect for pulling the teardrop camper once we get a tow hitch put on and we really wanted a car that could that. It has some fancy features that I am excited to use. All in all I think it is the best match for what I need in my life right now.