Sunday, July 27, 2014

Slide the City in SLC

I heard about this event recently called "Slide the City" and a couple weeks ago it arrived in SLC! Basically there was a giant 1000 ft. water slide set up from the capitol to temple square area. I paid to slide once but next year I want to get the all day pass. My friend Alisa was in town and she came with me which was so nice because Tony had homework to do. 

The end of the slide

  I picked up my wristband, mouthguard , squirt gun and water balloons a couple blocks away and Alisa held a spot in line for me. It was very hot, there was a few food trucks but I didnt eat anything. I ended up ditching my towels under a tree and picked them up later. Alisa held my backpack with my phone and waterball in it.

We waited in line quite awhile but the trip down the slide was worth it! Unfortunately I got no pictures of me going down the slide because when I got up there they switched me , and everyone else without tubes, to go down the farther side shown here in the picture. 

It was fun to watch people slipping and sliding past us and to check out the different ways people slid, on their back, bum, head first, feet first, on a tube or on their knees! I decided I want to slide on my bum but ended up sliding part of the time on my knees as well.

Looking towards downtown SLC

Alisa and I. 

Afterwards, we went to eat at Zupas and then I dropped her off at the airport so she could fly back home to NM. We were mission companions in Portland back in 2004 and its always a treat to meet up!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Birthday Deals in Utah

I love getting things for free and my birthday month is no exception. I have a folder in my email called "Birthday" where I stick all my birthday deal emails. I am going through it tonight and sharing with you what I got so you can sign up too to get the deal for your birthday!

American Eagle
15% off your total purchase. Looks like it can be used on sale / clearance items.

1 free 12 oz shake with any purchase excluding snack menu items. This must be used on your actual birthday. 

Archibald's Restaurant at Gardner Village
Buy one meal , get one free

Free dessert. It does not look like any purchase is required.

Aunt Annie's
Free pretzel product with the purchase of any other pretzel product. Good for a week after your birthday.

Baskin Robbins
Free 2.5 oz scoop or 3oz swirl of soft serve. Expires 5 days after your birthday.

$30 off your meal when another meal is purchased. Some restrictions apply. Email must be printed.

Sign up and you get an unlimited fun pass to use on your birthday

1 free dessert with adult entre purchase. Expires 1 week after your birthday

Corner Bakery Cafe
One free Bakery Fresh Sweet

Cold Stone Creamery
Buy 1 get 1 free

Charming Charlie
This isnt food but if you go in to this store you get a free $5 to spend! Super awesome because this store has tons of cute stuff.

Cravings - Alisha's Cupcakes
One free cupcake within 30 days

Free 1 scoop sundae

Dairy Queen
buy 1 medium blizzard treat and get 1 free. Their current smores blizzard is so so good!

Free grand slam meal on the day of your birthday. Just show ID

50 cent coupon off your next berry purchase

DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse)
$5 off your total purchase.

Elase Spas
1 free laser hair removal, value $105.

Famous Footwear
$5 off your shoe purchase of $5 or more.

Firehouse Subs
Free medium sub sandwich on the day of your birthday! No coupon required, just show ID.

Take an extra $5 off your entire purchase. This could mean a free item.

1 free meal (says Rooty Tooty Fresh & Fruity but they usually let me switch it out if I ask) , expires 14 days from date of email.

One free ice cream on your birthday - it's so big! I believe you just go in and show your ID. Thank you Lindsay for letting me know about this!

Jamba Juice
Free smoothie or juice.

Michaels Craft Store
20% off your purchase of regular price items.

Mimi's Cafe
Free dessert. Dine in only. One offer per check. No minimum purchase required. Expires 8 days after your birthday.

Noodles & Co.
This might be one of my top favorite deals because you dont have to buy anything! One meal, totally free. Good stuff. Value: Up to $9.

Nothing Bundt Cakes
Free 'bundtlet' cake , valid 7 days after your birthday.

One Sweet Slice
One free cupcake!

Orange Julius
Buy 1 drink get 1 free

Spend $50 and get 15% off your purchase

Panera Bread
Birthday pastry. You have quite awhile to redeem it which is nice

Pizza Hut
Free cinnamon sticks when you order online

Free downloads from their website focusing on grilling, beauty, fitness, spa, cooking or reading

Free shipping on any online order

Rodizio Grill
Buy 1 full meal, get 1 free. Offer expires 14 days after birthdate. Can be used within 14 days of your birthday. 

20% off your entire purchase on your birthday or the day after

$10 off a purchase of $30 or more. Valid at a store or online.

Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse
1 free sandwich. Value up to $9.29. You can present from your phone or printed out.  Valid ID required and it may be redeemed within 7 days of your birthday.

One free food item , you can pick from 3 different choices

Click a link in the email they send you for free swagbucks. Very nice!

Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes
20% off your entire check. Expires 7 days after your birthday.

Schlotzsky's Deli
Free small sandwich. Good for up to 7 days after your birthday

Texas de Brazil
$25 off the purchase of one regular dinner. Restrictions apply.

Texas Roadhouse
1 free appetizer or sidekick of ribs

$3 off our total purchase or $3 off any cake or pie. Expires 7 days after your birthday.

$1 off a combo meal

This list is just the ones I got in my email and if I get any more between now and the 10th, I will add them in!  I know there is Red Robin and other restaurants and deals that I did not include here. Feel free to leave any other ones, especially ones for Utah, in the comments below!

How We Do Lagoon & My Top 5 Tips & Tricks

We researched for awhile where the best place to get tickets was. Deseret Book had $9 off coupons when you bought a $10 item I believe.  Their tickets were only good Monday through Saturday. We thought about Costco but they were closed (4th of July holiday). If you bring a soda can (certain kind - just google "Lagoon Discounts") it gives you $7 off.  We decided to go to Macey's where tickets were $39.99 plus tax instead of $49.99 reg. price. Good enough! 

Woohoo! We made it, got to the park around 1030 or 11. It opened at 10.

This was our first ride - a roller coaster called 'The Roller Coaster'. Funny! Built in 1921! Pretty bumpy but fun and I screamed like a schoolgirl. It seemed like the other roller coasters we saw went upside down and I'm not a fan of those and Tony is not a big roller coaster fan (neither am I so WHY did we do this ride first?!) so this was the only coaster we went on.

I wanted to go on this ride but I couldnt have sunglasses or a hat on or my purse bag. Unlike the first roller coaster we went on that had lockers to put your stuff, this didnt have that. I said I would go on it later but it didnt happen. You got pretty wet on this ride, maybe I'll do it next time if we ever get to go again.

By the way, lockers are $6 I believe and it's $10 to park. 

This ride reminded me of one my dad would go with us on at the Woodland Fair except this one did not go backwords. 

I went on this ride, Centennial Screamer, solo because Tony thought he might get motion sick riding it. I didnt think I would, but I did!

I started to have second thoughts once they shut the gate to my cage

I was mouthing to Tony "Help me" and "Get me out!" but it was too late

Sky Ride was next. Such a pretty view!

The three girls in a row across from us thought they were so cool sitting so their legs took up the whole bench. Haha

Bumper cars were so fun we did this ride twice in a row

Tony really wanted to see this show, we had no idea what it was going to be like.

When guys and girls came out singing and dancing, I knew we were in for a treat and Tony knew he was doomed. We could have gotten up and walked out but it was only a 30 minute show I think. Tony does not like performances that are strictly singing and dancing. Even 50% is probably too much for him. I laughed so hard inside because he wanted to see this and then when he saw what it really was, he had second thoughts.  LOL

Singing a song from Frozen.

Next it was finally time to hit the beach area.

We couldn't do a whole lot in this area I felt like because we didnt have tubes. I wanted to float the lazy river but Tony didnt really want to plus it was super crowded. $2 for a tube rental if you have a season pass and $5 if you are not a passholder. It didnt look like anyone brought their own tubes unless it was for their baby. I think some slides you could go down without tubes though, maybe towards the right side of this picture.

My favorite little panoramic shot. The lady next to us (Tony is sitting in her spot in this pic) was so nice to share a chair (that I am in) with us. It was hard to find a spot to set our stuff but she was so kind, not only with us but others around us. There was a dad trying to braid his daughter's hair before she went in the pool but was struggling a little and the lady went over and told him to let her do it. Cute. There was a funny sight of a boy with 6 or so innertubes around him and he was shuffling along the sidewalk, stopping here and there to startle people. It was so hilarious. I love people watching. 

We left the pool area around 630 and went to the car to get our sandwich , chips and drinks in the cooler. I wish I had taken a picture of this. I didnt think the prices for the food in the park were too bad but it was nice to already have food there to eat.

We went on a few more rides after dinner but I didnt get pictures of that because they were water rides and I left my phone in the locker. I didnt get a picture of me eating chocolate mint Dippin' Dots, aghh!

Then at 9pm we went to a new show called Bosque and it was AMAZING. 
Like, America's Got Talent and Cirque du Soleil mixed into one.

These two ladies were like the announcers and there was a storyline to the show.

These guys were amazing with all the ways they could balance. They were both so strong!

I saw one woman perform this on America's Got Talent but there were three! Three! balancing bowls on their heads and on their feet and flipping the bowls onto their heads. Simply amazing.

I had to switch to my phone for these pictures as my ipod touch was out of space. If you look closely you can see these two guys balancing and the one sitting on the other guy's feet was doing flips in the air! So crazy cool!

All in all a great show and well worth the price we paid to get in. This show runs until August.

There is an area of Lagoon called Pioneer Village. We checked out a few of the buildings and the school house was so funny. Can you see the dunce cap in the corner? haha!

We rode the ferris wheel last, the park closed at 11pm and we left around 11:30 because we went to make a few more smashed pennies in the machines. There are 3 so find them all and smash some pennies. So fun! There were more things I wanted to do (henna tattoos! and other rides , but we just ran out of time!)

All in all a fantastic first time trip to Lagoon for me. I hope we get to go again someday!

Bonus Feature!
My tips - hints for going to Lagoon...

1) Bring lunch and dinner. Or at least one meal. You can bring in food, ice-chests, etc and there is a big section of picnic area, covered with tables and benches and people just leave their stuff there. Perfect if you dont want to lug everything in and out of the park

2) When you return your locker key, you get to pick a prize. They have some cool little things so don't forget to do that!

3). Bring sunscreen and apply it lots. Usually I dont wear sunscreen because I want to tan but I learned that I still tanned, I just didnt burn as bad. I feel like I used sunscreen 4-5 times because I was sweating so much.

4. Bring flip flops or pool shoes.  We went in a pool where adults/older kids were swimming around...its basically 5 feet deep most everywhere in the pool , with a cool cave area. Anyways, the bottom of the pool is kind of rough so if your feet are not tough like mine, wear some water shoes!

5. Frozen Gatorade/Powerade is great for using as ice packs in your ice chest. You can drink them too as the day goes on. I think we brought 6 and drank 5 of them and our food (deli meat sandwich from Walmart) stayed cold enough. This tip can be used anytime, not just for Lagoon.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

This Time We're In Provo, UT

The hardest part of going to a balloon launch is waking up early. I am not a morning person! 4th of July it was impossible for us to wake up but Saturday morning I was determined that we go so up we got!

My first glimpse of the field where the balloons were already inflating, very impressed it is the 30th Annual Freedom Festival. 

I couldnt wait for Tony to park the car!

Even though this was our third weekend in a row chasing hot air balloons, I was so happy to be here! 40 min to go for balloons is convenient, a few hours away isnt exactly hard though , esp because we love to roadtrip

Taking a panoramic 

Fun to see these rangers fill up the Smokey the Bear balloon

Our morning faces

I love hot air balloons! (if you cant tell)

This was the balloon we got engaged in! Fun to see it again. I was a little jealous of the lucky people who got to go for a ride

It's interesting to see how different pilots inflate their balloons

Saw my friend Scott Jarvie! (on the right) check out his



There was a beanbag game going on and persons holding very large helium filled balloons so that the pilots in the hot air balloons would know where to drop their bean bags. Unfortunately none of the balloons were able to make it back to the field 

Walking around the field and we found Smokey! Had to get a pic!!

I question my choice of attire here. 

One pilot landed and his crew drove him back to the field to attempt the beanbag toss.

However it didnt work - the wind blew them another direction

So they pulled the balloons down. Better luck next year!