Monday, November 24, 2014

Project Life Experience

Shoutout to my sister Laura first off for telling me about this opportunity or I never would have known. I follow Becky Higgins (creator of Project Life) on my blog Instagram but I dont log in to that account every day and Becky had posted on there that she needed some last minute help setting up her booth for the Pinners Conference. I had been hanging out at Laura's house but headed straight over to Sandy to the expo center. When I got there, there were about 12 or so other women there helping Becky but they said they could still use my help. 

I got a moment to talk to Becky and told her I knew Julie and Dallin in AZ ...Dallin is her husband's brother! Julie and I know each other from the Gable YSA ward and we have been friends and stayed in contact ever since. Whenever I go to AZ we plan to meet up and craft or just hang out. Love and miss her and her family! Becky took a pic of us on her phone to send to Julie. It was so exciting.

Here are some random pictures I took from that Thursday evening inbetween staying busy helping! We worked on getting product out of the boxes and putting it away, organizing it, hanging it up, etc. 

Group shot at the end when we were all done. Snagged this from Instagram. It was great to work with so many friendly and nice people for one super talented lady! Becky laid on the ground below us to get this picture and I think it turned out cool.

We got a pic together on my phone afterwards

Becky is soo super generous and hooked up all her helpers with Project Life product.

To be honest, I didnt have any of her stuff, just the app which I love and use it often so it was exciting to be able to pick out what I wanted and I cant wait to use it.

Last minute decision on Saturday to attend Becky's class and her method of documenting life truly is simple and quick.  Check out her website if you get the chance, it was just redesigned and updated and I love it.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Uptown Cheapskate Is Now In Sugarhouse!

My sister Laura & I went to the grand opening of a new Uptown Cheapskate location in Sugarhouse in October and I was so very excited to attend. There is an UC close to where I live and I frequent it often, to either sell clothes or browse whats new.

It was helpful to have some spending cash!

I found the hats right away. It was like wearing a strawberry on my head. Haha

We found lots of clothes to try on

This dress had owls all over it!

A little too many flowers? It was so comfy though but a bit too big

I loved this scarf and ended up getting it. So warm & perfect for winter

I love the fold down hooks and the options

This or that?

Everything was organized really well and I like the layout of this store

Lots of people in line ready to check out

Friendly workers

Here are a few things that Laura & I found and ended up purchasing.

Here is what I scored, a better picture. Peach colored long sleeved shirt with lace back on the top left. Green sweatshirt  on the top right and a brown Roxy hat that I love so much! The bird scarf in the middle, bottom left is a purple blouse with black stars on it and bottom right is a Volcom jacket that zips up the front. Love it!

They had a food truck there that we didnt have time to try but it looked and 
smelled delicious!

 A pretty sunset was the great way to end a pretty great time at 
Uptown Cheapskate.

Here's how I wore my hat and sweatshirt one day.

If you have clothes to sell , bring them to the Sugarhouse location at

2120 S 1300 E Salt Lake City, UT 84106

I have sold some clothes to them and my sister has too. Try it out!

So, as a thank you for reading my blog post, you can enter to win a $25 gift card to Uptown Cheapskate! Best of luck!

Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween Shenanigans

Our ward trunk or treat was a week before Halloween so that was nice. We combined with the other ward and added a chili cookoff to the party too. 

There were probably about 20 cars or so. Some kids told me that they were told they could go around 8 times. EIGHT TIMES?! I was like..."Yea, you've already gotten candy from me. Sorry. I have to save some for the other kids that come." Geez.

Costumes up close! Thank you Google for the idea in the afternoon

Here is the setup farther back.
We had been saving milk cartons for a few months and I used my Cricut machine to cut faces out with vinyl. We put glowsticks inside which would have turned out lots better if the trunk or treat had happened when it was dark out. Darn it.
I got a brown dress at Savers as well as the green leafty stuff which Tony pinned all over me. I had brown leggings, boots and a hat which turned me into a happy little tree!
We got Tony a wig at Savers (most expensive part of the costume..about $7) and he had a white shirt he could wear and I made him a paint palette which made him Bob Ross!
I was happy with how everything turned out.

We invited my sister Laura, Rocky, Riley & Reese to the trunk or treat. Riley was all over the place and had fun running around outside

He stopped long enough in his ninja costume for a picture

The chili cookoff was supposed to start at 6 but everyone was done and ready to eat around 5pm. 

Tony posing with an invisible brush because he misplaced the one I got him but he found it later. Phew.

We made a white chicken chili in the crockpot. I got a tiny taste but it was gone quickly. We didnt place in the top 3 but it was fun to try.

At my job, we did some fun things in the month of October to celebrate Halloween. One thing people did was decorate their desks. I hung up a tassle banner, Kara found me a coloring book page of an owl during her meeting on another floor and made me a copy and I found owl lights at Target that I hung up at my desk as well. 

We had an all staff meeting for our department and decorated pumpkins. We got first place! There were some really good and creative ones..I was pretty shocked we won. Pictured L-R: Courtney, Leska,Nate, myself and the other 2...I forget their names but the lady hiding in back was only working with us for about a week or so.

It was fun to dress up with some of my coworkers on Halloween day. Left to right are Lara, me, Felicia and Jenny (it was Jenny's last day with us at WGU)

Another department on our floor invited us to do brunch with them. I am so glad they did because I was in heaven with all the fantastic food. Biscuits and gravy, bacon!, fruit, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, eggs and juice. I was so full after I ate all this.

Nate made chili for everyone for lunch - tons tastier than my frozen meal. It was so so SO GOOD.

Then kids came to trick or treat in the building. This little girl was a cabbage patch doll. The yarn hair was adorable but didnt turn up so well in this picture.

I loved every owl that came to my desk

 Sorry the picture is blurry, I got excited but here is another owl 

I thought this dinosaur costume was pretty neat

Laura and Rocky brought Riley to trick or treat and I held Reese at my desk. It was impossible to work with all the trick or treaters coming by. It was fun to show off my nephews to my coworkers who thought Riley and Reese were so cute and a few of them held Reese.

That evening we headed out to Las Vegas and I left any extra candy I had at work. But that trip is another post for another day!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Liquid Canvas - Where I Learn to Paint

Does a blank canvas inspire you or scare you?

I got to find out when I went to Ogden in October for a blogger night that my friend Staci put together at a neat little spot called Liquid Canvas that opened this past June. They do classes , parties and even day dates for teens before they head out to prom. 

Paint on my palette!

First we started by painting our canvas gray. This was trickier to do than I thought.

This is what I ended up with, or , close to the end of the night this is what I had. I kept texting pictures to my co-worker Kara because she is basically an artist type person, to get her opinion and advice. Turns out I am much more of a perfectionist than I thought.

The atmosphere was fun with music playing and we got served a Shirley Temple along with a story of how it got its name.

Everyone was doing so well! Our instructor was very patient with us

I made the last petal at the bottom a little larger. That seemed to be the trick to making it look a lot better.

We all took a picture together at the end of the evening

I came home and hung it up in my craft room/guest room right away. I added a bit more yellow paint which was in the process of drying when I took this picture. 

It was stressful a bit to get it 'right' but overall it was a very fun evening. I wish Liquid Canvas wasnt so far from where I live but if you are ever up in the Ogden area you should definitley stop by and say hello. Maybe sit down and paint something! They also have a boutique with cute clothing,etc.