Monday, October 20, 2014

LDS Conference Weekend With Family

I am not too happy with myself for not taking more pictures when my family was in town for conference weekend but we were just having too much fun and so busy that I didnt really take many pictures but here are the ones I did take that I can share!

James arrived Thursday evening. He has visited Laura & I in Utah once before. Julianne , Shawn and Hailey arrived Friday evening and stayed at my place. They have never come to stay with us in Utah before.

We ate at Zupas Friday evening for dinner.

Hailey and Tony were playing a cup game.

They sucked the cups to their faces. It was a contest.

And then Tony's cup fell off his face. Hailey won. We were all laughing so much

Riley stayed entertained for awhile thanks to a phone and free wifi

Hailey had this ice cream cone with a lever that would cause the ice cream part of the cone to pop off at people. Super funny.

After we ate, Shawn and his friend went to see a movie and the rest of us  went to Gardner Village to walk around and check out what was going on there. We got there about 830 and they closed at 9 but we still had fun watching all the nighttime marathon runners and looking at the little shops.

Saturday was the first session of conference which started at 10am. James, Shawn and Julianne went downtown to watch conference with the tickets we had gotten them and Tony & I had Hailey at our house for a bit, then she and I headed to Laura's place for the afternoon session. I dropped off the afternoon tickets to everyone downtown. They had gone to the Gateway for lunch and wanted to be dropped off closer to the conference center which I managed to do without a ton of trouble. 

Reese taking an afternoon nap

Then he woke up and Hailey was so cute with him!

The afternoon session went by fast and everyone headed to my house eventually. Tony & Shawn watched the Priesthood session at the house and James went to temple square in hopes of getting a ticket to get in. Then he walked a mile to Charlie Chows when the session was over to meet us for dinner.

In the meantime, Julianne, Laura & I had so many things we wanted to do for girls night out! Waffle Luv, Tai Pan Trading, The Wood Connection, Quilted Bear, Deseret Book, Plato's Closet and Uptown Cheapskate. We only had 2 hours and we should have gotten started sooner. We went to Platos Closet first and then Deseret Book and entered their contest , hung out for a bit but it was pretty crowded. Quilted Bear was right next door so we stopped in and ran into our friend Nicole F. and her parents visiting from Woodland. Nice! That was so cool to see them. 

I was so excited about this owl that my eyes kind of disappeared. Oh gosh.

We were running out of time fast so we went to Uptown Cheapskate before heading home and then downtown for a late dinner.

Sunday morning selfie in the conference center...

Me, Julianne and James!

Me and Julianne

It was great to be in the conference center for the morning session. Sadly I did not see anyone I knew.

Soo many people outside after the morning session

Saying goodbye to Hailey and Julianne and Shawn. They had to head back to Idaho and then on to Washington. It was over all too soon and I was not ready to let them leave. I'm so glad they got to come and visit for a couple days though and go to conference.

James flew back to Arkansas early Monday morning and it was so good that he got to come and was able to get time off from work + his wife agreed to let him come.  He ended up staying with us all 4 nights which was fun. I love when family comes to visit!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blogger Sleepover!

Driving up to Oakley, UT which is past Park City a bit. The colors are changing and were so pretty.

Back story a little bit...I saw this event on Facebook a couple months ago and thought it sounded like fun. I also thought that at least one person I knew would be going but it ended up I knew nobody at all. Eek, that was scary. Aubrey is the one who put this event on and I could tell it was very well planned. She has been planning this event for quite awhile!

Glad that this sign let me know I was in the right spot!

This is where we stayed! (upstairs above the garage)

September Slumber Soiree!

I am just now wondering what 'soiree' means and the definition is: 
"an evening party or gathering, typically in a private house, for conversation or music." 
So fitting!

When I arrived, dinner was still out so I got to eat a bit before settling in.

So many drinks!

Another shot of the yummy food. Chips, rice, salad , beans and toppings

This pic happened before I came but I thought it was cute because of everyone's faces
photo by Kaycie

Checking out our awesome swag bags
photo by Kaycie

BIG thank you to @agnesanddora for the leggings, @readyornotblog, @livylovestorun, @dandeliondesignstudio, @hellomaypole and @xtendbarreprovo 

Here are some of us just talking before starting the schedule for the evening

We had an amazing class all about makeup and tips from Jen

She passed this around and I ended up going to Ulta to get it. Hooray for coupons! ($11.99 in stores if you are wondering but its $9.99 on sale on their website so they honored that. Then I had a coupon for $3.50 off $10. Bam). This product hides the dark circles under your eyes and has a metal ball on the tip which feels so cool and nice on your face. I'm a fan.

photo by Kaycie

Banana split of sorts. So so good

Softest leggings ever!
photo by Kaycie

Agnes and Dora gifted us all with a pair of leggings in our swag bags. There were so many cool ones it was hard to decide which one I liked best

photo by Kaycie

One girl brought this...get a gel manicure without the lamp!? I had never heard of such a thing but its pretty fantastic.  I brought all my nailpolish up but everyone ended painting their nails with the above colors instead.

I stayed up way later than I should have (4am..cough) 

The next morning, Flippin Waffles came and made us breakfast. Oh my. SO GOOD.  You could pick from some suggestions or make your own.

I got nutella, strawberries, bananas and cream on mine. 
Delicious breakfast imo.

Wonut holes!

Great idea to have everyone write their Instagram name on a circle so we could follow each other

Lunch was soup in bread bowls. I love this meal so much!

Fancy cupcakes. I love cupcakes and this frosting is pretty yummy

Kaycie was the photographer for the event and she did a fantastic job at taking pictures of everyone!

Dont ask me what I'm wearing. It looks so random now!
photo by Kaycie

We talked about finding inspiration, blogger vs. wordpress and more. It's late and my brain is tired. But out of all the topics talked about I learned something so this is good!

Fat owl love. I had to get a pic!

The drive home was pretty too and it definitely got hotter when I got closer to SLC. It was a good sleepover and I learned a lot from the roundtable discussions that we had. I mainly listened and didn't say too much but it was still good.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Camp Ritchie - Final Day

 Oh Camp Ritchie - I love you so much!

Our tent home during the day time

We had a nailpolish party in the craft cabin after breakfast

My friend Julia did her nails so so cute!

I couldnt decide on one color so I did a bunch of favorite colors

And then I tried to put on a mustache that Linda had sent me up with. I couldnt stop laughing so it kind of cracked and got flaky. It looked like a huge piece of chocolate under my nose. Haha!

I tried to be serious.

My friends and I painting nails and doing crafts. 

I doubt anyone in this picture really reads my blog so I think I'm safe. Friends from Woodland!

One of my favorite walls in the craft cabin that someone painted.

Cabins. Trees. Gravel roads. Rocks. The weather. 

Rappelling staff has a nice set up. New helmets (to me) and new cabinet (to me)

 Some of rappelling staff but not all of us. The best I could do before I had to head out

Resting on the climbing wall. I havent done this since I was a teenager!

I was determined to make it up the wall though

 It took me awhile but I did it! Yes, I took a selfie at the top of the wall because I am awesome like that

 I'm up so high!

I loved working alongside these two on rappelling staff. They are so great - easy to talk to and get along with.

Looks like someone got toilet-papered! See those pillows....

My friend Chris and I took a pic together right before I left camp. Chris is so kind, funny and the best! She helped me carry things to my car so I didnt have to make a ton of trips by myself. It's always a treat seeing her up at camp. 

Looking towards the campfire area

Campfire area during the day

Here I go....leaving camp with my friend Nicole's bike tied super tight to the back of my car

Goodbye Camp Ritchie, see you again next time!

Goodbye beautiful lake!

Goodbye wonderful staff, it was so great to see you all again + meet some new friends!

Since this blog is my journal and I have to document...I thought the GPS was taking me through Sacramento, to Reno back to SLC. But no. I didnt realize until I got to the border of Minden, NV and Pioneer, CA area that I was taking a different route home and I know, I should have turned around 50 miles ago. The sucky part was that I finally got cell reception and found out the guy I had brought with me was wanting to ride back with me. It's only because we got along so well on the drive that I turned around and drove 2 hours to go get him in Sacramento. I was so looking forward to getting home before 2am but instead I got home by 630am, didnt bother sleeping besides the bits I tried to get in the car. I showered , returned the rental car and worked 8 hours. Oye! At least I can laugh now and lesson time I will put "Sacramento" in my GPS instead of just hitting the Go Home button.